SocVis Social Computing & Visualization Group. SoCo: Social Computing, RS: Recommender Systems, UM: User Modeling, Pe: Personalization, Vis: Visualization

The PUC SocVis (Social Computing & Visualization Group) studies issues related with

About Us

At the SocVis Lab we use Computer and Information Sciences to study online individual and social behavior from an interdisciplinary view stand. We are interested in understanding how individuals and groups of people use online technology, and also in developing algorithms and applications to enhance the people's abilities to exploit those technologies. We focus on the following areas of research:

We use both quantitative and qualitative approaches in our research. Among the quantitative approaches we make extensive use of data mining algorithms and statistical analysis on off-line datasets to discover patterns of individual and social behaviors. We also perform user studies in order to test online our findings over off-line data analysis, where we combine qualitative and quantitave analysis.

2020-2 Meetings

We meet every Monday at 13:00 by Zoom.

  • August 10th - Andres Villa
  • August 17th - Jorge Perez
  • August 24th - Benjamin Ayancán
  • August 31th - Manuel Cartagena
  • September 7th - Hans Löbel
  • September 14th - Denis, Andrés, Manuel (Ivania maybe)
  • September 28th - Ricardo Schilling
  • October 5th - Luis Fros
  • October 19th - Antonio Ossa
  • October 26th - Ria Deane
  • November 2nd - Pablo Pino
  • November 9th - Jorge Facuse
  • November 16th - Ivania Donoso
  • November 23rd - Isidora Palma
  • November 30th - Hernán Valdivieso
  • December 14th - Daniela Poblete
  • December 21st - Pablo Messina
  • December 28th - Matias Andrade
  • January 4th - Daniela Flores
  • January 11st - Germán Contreras

2020-1 Meetings

We meet every Monday at 13:00 in the Computer Science Department (DCC) at PUC.

  • March 16th - Hernan Valdivieso
  • March 23th - Pablo Pino
  • March 30th - Isidora Palma
  • April 6th - Jorge Facuse
  • April 13th - Ricardo Schilling
  • April 20th - Daniela Flores
  • April 27th - German Contreras
  • May 4th - Manuel Cartagena
  • May 11th - Matias Andrade
  • May 18th - Denis Parra
  • May 25th - Antonio Ossa
  • June 1st - Pablo Messina
  • June 8th - Andres Carvallo
  • June 15th - Benjamin Ayancan

2020-1 Lunch

We meet every Monday at 13:00 in the Computer Science Department (DCC) at PUC.

  • March 23th - Antonio Ossa
  • April 6th - Pablo Messina
  • April 20th - Manuel Cartagena
  • May 4th - German Contreras
  • May 18th - Matias Andrade
  • June 1st - Jorge Facuse
  • June 15th - Daniela Flores


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